Home grown electrics

Electric vehicles are becoming more newsworthy, following the government’s announcement that EVs are likely to be part of NZ’s answer to reducing vehicle emissions. The Dominion Post dealt with the subject over the weekend, but the online version is considerably shorter than the print version – at least the one that appeared in Saturday’s Press – and it’s much more positive about the potential for EVs. The print version gave Toyota NZ MD Bob Field the chance to plug hybrids as the answer, and to assert that the future lies with hydrogen as fuel – something that I’m resolutely sceptical about. It also quoted my least-favourite motoring journalist, Jeremy Clarkson, who recently slammed the Reva G-Wiz as a “stupid little car

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  1. I had only a mild interest in EV’s, but just had a visit from my bro.inlaw who drew my attention to these…….

    Wrightspeed X1 Electric Car beats Ferrari and Porsche

    Possibly good enough for Clarkson.

    And Electric Datsun beats Corvette

    There’s another clip with more info on how it is built.

    I see the Wrightspeed was canvassed by you and AndrewH on the “Electric Cars” post back on August 16, but it has to be seen to be understood!

    I think I’ll do as you suggest and follow Gav’s “kiwiev”

  2. The Sustainable Energy Forum recently held a seminar on “Electric Vehicles in New Zealand”, covering both public transport and private vehicles. Most of the seminar presentations are now available on our web site. We also set up a discussion group to look at reviving the New Zealand Electric Vehicles Association (NZEVA). You can find the group, and join up, at http://tech.groups.yahoo.com/group/nzeva/

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