High and dry


From NASA’s Earth Observatory: yesterday’s Image Of The Day (RSS feed) was this stunning picture of an intense high pressure system over the Great Australian Bight to the southwest of Tasmania, acquired by the MODIS sensor on the Aqua satellite on June 5th. In high pressure systems, dry descending air suppresses cloud formation, in this case punching an impressive “hole” through a layer of stratocumulus clouds. Central pressure at the time was 1040 hectoPascals. According to the NZ MetService 7 day forecast, over the next week the system will move east and set up camp to the southwest of the South Island.

Also from the Aqua satellite last week, a good picture of the midweek snowstorm that hit the South Island. Thursday morning chez nous was as pretty as several pictures.

5 thoughts on “High and dry”

    1. Hi bill
      I’m just back from a month in Perth – It wasn’t like that on Wednesday! 🙂
      Those sort of weather events, seem to follow me about though. The tornadoes in Albany NZ – happened just down the road from where I lived, and the house I have bought here in Thames had it’s roof removed in a tornado about 5 years ago.

    1. 🙂 Well actually noel I do – it was part of my major some years back. I’ve just visited Auckland – so it’s probably not safe to go there for a week or so.

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