Hacked again

Hackers broke into Hot Topic‘s servers again this afternoon (though not, apparently, the same bunch as last time), and although I was able to restore the site within a couple of hours, some problems may remain. Not quite the New Year present I’d been looking for… As before, I would ask registered users to change your log-in passwords. Tomorrow, I may need to restore the database to an earlier version (from this morning) which could mean loss of some recent comments, but I’ll try to avoid that if at all possible. I’ll be working with my hosting provider to try to prevent further incursions.

2 thoughts on “Hacked again”

  1. Hi Gareth,
    Sorry to hear about the hacking incident. I have just changed my password. You may need to remind readers that they can change it via the ‘site admin’ link in the bottom right corner.

    I just wanted to say ‘thanks for running your blog’. It is a must read for me as a junky for news and information about global warming. Thanks for tolerating the commenting deniers who seem to post more key strokes in their rambling comments than you do in your posts! Thanks for putting up with the hacking incidents as well. Have a great 2010.
    Kind regards.

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