Ghost riders in the shed

I was flicking through the channels on the Sky box last night — the 10-30pm news was too depressing to endure — and I stumbled on this amazing programme on the Living Channel. Originally broadcast by the BBC last December, it’s a special edition of science show Bang Goes The Theory, called The Human Power Station. Premise: show just how many energy slaves (in this case, cyclists with dynamos attached to the rear wheels of their bikes) it takes to power a family of four through an ordinary Sunday’s power use. The answer? 70, when Dad takes a shower — see the excerpt above. Oddly compulsive viewing, and informative about energy use, even if one of the presenters can resist expressing energy in units of chocolate digestive biscuits. I can’t find a repeat in the Living Channel schedules, and it’s no longer available on the BBC’s iPlayer, but keep an eye out — it’s well worth watching if you get the chance.

[Duane Eddy]

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