Every picture tells a story


But what story? Image stitched together by Tom Yulsman at CE Journal, question answered there. As he says, looks like Mondrian, but this isn’t about aesthetics it’s about effective communication — and I think this is particularly successful.

[Rod Stewart]

8 thoughts on “Every picture tells a story”

  1. It’s one of those magic eye pictures – you’ve just got to train your eyes to wander off in different directions and refocus to see the picture. Now there’s a word in there somewhere … I can’t be certain, but I’m pretty sure it’s “screwed”.

  2. So how are they going to wriggle their way out of this one?

    Let me guess: the choice of ‘cool’ to ‘warm’ colours is unfair; if you cut the thing into ribbons really carefully you could get a whole bunch of strips with no trend in them at all; anyway, medieval mosaics showed an even stronger gradation of colour; if you multiply all those base temp numbers by some convoluted factor I like because it yields a result I prefer, you get a result I prefer…

    But guys – you should be celebrating; there’s no hockey stick!

    Actually reminds me of another artist – but the point is still crystal Klee-r…

  3. It’s noteworthy that this hasn’t elicited a lot of comments from ‘skeptics’. I’d suggest that this is because this kind of pattern recognition is hard-wired into us, and is far harder to dispute than any putative trend line set through a series of undulating squiggles.

    The last time the silence was this deafening was the Easterbrook fiasco, another instance where a blatantly inconvenient truth was simply ignored (by all but R2, bless him!)

    1. Very true, bill. There’s stuff that’s undeniable, so they don’t. But when you get them on a “hot button” issue — and the Pacific impacts seems to be one of those, they go hell for leather.

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