Denial Tango 2014

Here’s a new recording by Aussie group Men With Day Jobs of their climate classic The Denial Tango, accompanied by a rather striking video. Men With Day Jobs are Rod Crundwell, Stafford Sanders and Kim Constable (from left to right in the pix in the video) and their new album “Deep in Denial” is due for release early next year.

I’d go with Tony Abbott, It’s just a load of crap

This round-the-world disaster is an evil greedy trap

‘Cause everybody knows the world is flat

I posted the full lyrics back in 2011

17 thoughts on “Denial Tango 2014”

  1. Surely this is on-topic. The Herald is running a story on the Prime Minister’s batch on the beach at Omaha, north of Auckland. The batch is now worth at least NZ$3m the story says. I can’t help thinking a house built on sand is in for sudden devaluations.

    1. I guess the PM is not really sitting in the “same boat” as the rest of us…. Perhaps that explains a lot really. When the proverbial “Titanic” drops below the surface, leaving the rest of us struggling for a place in a lifeboat, the “captain” won’t even get his feet wet…..
      If you command tens of millions of dollars at a whim, your options are “aplenty”… 😉

  2. I note that “global warming” is getting a certain amount of PR on radio and TV at present, all the way from Al Jazeera to the NZ concert program, particularly with reference to Australia. I may be imagining the relish in the voices but could the PM of Oz, what’s his name, have done us a bit of a favour, by contrast?

    1. There was a piece on 3 News last night about the Australia heat records, and for once they didn’t feel the need for some false balance by having a crank declare the whole thing is a hoax at the end. Perhaps the message is finally getting through to the media?

        1. As the media in OZ are largely owned by the funders of the denial brigade that’s pretty much the truth unfortunately, and the country is getting to be more and more on fire as the Bush Fire season extends at both ends 🙁

  3. Well, the message still isn’t getting through to Rodney Hide or his enablers at the NZ Herald.

    Another scientifically illiterate opinion piece from him this weekend.

    1. Rodney is the proverbial exemplar of a “know nothing rightwing nutter”.
      If he had spend the time it took him to pen the nonsense he spouted to educate himself (fat chance of that ever happening I know) then he could have found within a few seconds on the “Google” (Don’t they have “The Google” in Epsom?? even G.W.Bush had heard about it well back) this website:
      Or many other excellent sources of actual science.
      But dumb old Rodney is not in for figuring out what this is all about, no, he is only interested to whip up his equally thunder headed redneck constituents with a very predictable spin ball. Nothing else.

      Go on then Rodney, you provide some entertainment value at least… 😉

      1. Now it’s so easy to see what is happening with the earth wind map. So USA is freezing ? lets’s see:,58.18,382

        It’s a bit complicated over Commonwealth Bay but the wind is coming off the sea now whereas on December 31 it was pouring off Antarctica.

        To get the Orthographic projection in the url you have to go to the about page first then return. It does not appear or change just by dragging the image.

        It would be fun if the Newsmedia started using this.

    2. Agreed Gary. I responded to that article under the name “gandalf” and made a few refutations.

      The trouble is Rodney Hide buries people with dozens of red herring arguments, and I dont really have time to respond to all of what he says. He has all week to prepare his masterpiece of misleading rubbish and cynicism.

  4. Meanwhile the instability of massive swings between extreme warm and cold spells is bringing mayhem to the ecology of the Arctic circle nations:

    The combination of ‘proper winters’ with lots of snow, alternating with winters like this one, makes everything very unstable. In the 30 years I’ve been working we’ve seen butterfly populations reduce by 80-90%. We’re now seeing mosquitos and ticks during the winter, which is unheard of. Ticks are spreading much further north than they ever were before.

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