Count to ten

Heidi Cullen at Climate Central covers the highlights of NOAA’s State of the Climate: 2009 report, released yesterday (NOAA press release here). Key message: ten of the most important climate indicators, with multiple datasets for each, show that the planet is warming.


It’s worth digging around at the NOAA site linked above — there are animated graphics of all the key datasets (such as sea surface temperature), and NOAA’s new ClimateWatch site also has some nifty graphics — a climate data dashboard — to play with.

The full report is a 110MB download (here) and covers 2009’s climate and weather events in detail, but there’s a 10 page summary for the impatient here. More coverage at Skeptical Science and the Guardian.


14 thoughts on “Count to ten”

  1. Let’s see – because the person presenting the information from NOAA’s report said this in 2006 (hint, find the source, not the spin, Steve!), therefore you don’t have to listen? Therefore NOAA is wrong?

    The actual report was put together by 300+ scientists in 160 research groups in 48 countries – what a blessing to have some simple, ostrich metric to avoid having to confront it all! How terribly convenient!

  2. As for the Nova link – one, that’s a remarkably slow response to the Skeptical Science counter-contrarian iPhone app (now available for Android and Nokia mobile) that’s been around for ages. I’m sure ‘the kids’ will be endlessly impressed!…

    Two, it’s remarkable that the screen shots for the app displayed on Nova’s site prominently feature polling results. Since when has science been done by polling? Success in disinformation programs scarcely proves anything, though it fits well with this report, that highlights that 30% of Australians now think dinosaurs and humans co-existed.

    Hooray for dumbing-down; that’ll teach all those elitist Commie brainiacs!… Everyone’s a scientist!

    Speaking of which, the spectacle of Herman and Pielke Sr. trying to patiently explain – along with Spencer – that, yes, there really is a Greenhouse effect to the gang at WUWT makes for an ‘enlightening’ read.

  3. By the way: AGWCynic appears to be Joe Fone. Joe: please use one consistent posting name, so that we all know who we’re talking to. If you can’t manage that, I’ll have to put you on moderation.

  4. “Since when has science been done by polling?” –Bill

    Pot, kettle and black!

    Now Bill I thought that’s what your mythical “consensus” was all about! A show of hands. That’s what you alarmist nutters have been banging on about for years. The so-called “consensus” has been a cornerstone of your defence (because the science has doesn’t support you)!

    So I guess a show of hands is fine when it suits. But if it goes against you, it doesn’t count.

  5. Joe Fone/AGWcynic, I am afraid you don’t understand the difference between an overwhelming majority of published research (a consensus) and a questionaire (a poll).

  6. Joe Fone and Wrathall back? Idiocy is alive and well. Give over with your blinkered ideological rants, Wrathall. You can’t change reality just because self-styled libertarians have no anwers to these problems in their philosophy.

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