Climate rap – scientists fight back

This is a preview of a section of tonight’s Hungry Beast show (Wikipedia explains) on ABC in Australia — I’m A Climate Scientist — a rap attack on climate denial. Opening lines:

Droppin facts all over this wax/
While bitches be crying about a carbon tax/
Climate change is caused by people/
Earth Unlike Alien Has no sequel/
We gotta move fast or we’ll be forsaken/
(Politician): Cause we were too busy suckin’ d*** in Copenhagen

Slightly not safe for work, or if you are sensitive to rude language. Full lyric at Youtube. But hilarious, and well worth watching. I’d pay good money to see a version with Gavin Schmidt, Mike Mann, Kevin Trenberth and Phil Jones. Or do I mean “Bad”? Hat tip: John Cook via @skepticscience.

10 thoughts on “Climate rap – scientists fight back”

  1. Great stuff. We await the lame-oh retaliation with no great sense of expectation!

    But I don’t think the bit about about Bolt not being peer reviewed can be right – his blog is regularly reviewed by a mob (and I use the word advisedly) of his peers, albeit in the cluelessness stakes…

    ( Why am I then reminded of a Terry Pratchett moment?: IIRC the City Watch’s Corporal Nobbs, having been suddenly and mysteriously elevated to Dukedom, is drinking in the local (seedy) pub. The barman enquires as to the cause of the celebration, and is told by Nobb’s mate “he’s a Peer”. To which the barman replies “Oh, I’ll just lay down some fresh sawdust…”)

  2. It’s certainly entertaining watching the mouth-breathers among the deniers fume about this! “They’re being street-smart and witty; no fair!”.

    Yep, there are some things that all the oil and coal money in the world can’t buy you…

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