Carbonscape update

As we mentioned in a recent post New Zealand company Carbonscape was shortlisted in the Financial Times competition to find the most innovative solution to the effects of climate change. It went into the final as judges’ favourite, but the nearly 15,000 visitors to the website chose another entry, the Kyoto Box from Kenya, a cheap, solar-powered cardboard cooker able to be made in existing cardboard factories, flat-packed and easily distributed. It could much reduce firewood use, saving trees and preventing carbon emissions.

So Carbonscape has the kudos of the judges’ approval, but not the money. However 15,000 people now know about it, and it is continuing to attract attention elsewhere. I notice Eric Steig on Real Climate gave it the thumbs up in a comment response the other day. And there was an article in the Australian last month. We’ll keep an eye on its development with interest.

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