Anything you can do…

First there was our Prime Minister, promising that NZ would “aim

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  1. Look you dopey bastard.

    Extra CO2 is good for the environment.

    You got that yet slow-poke?

    CO2 increases the diversity and robustness of nature.

    Note: While I encourage debate, I would prefer if it remained polite, and free of profanity. If you can manage that, you’re welcome. – G

  2. I wouldn’t waste too much effort on Mr Bird, Andrew. His modus operandi seems to be turn up from time to time spitting vitriol. A climate troll. He has a blog – try Googling him, and you’ll see what I’m on about.

  3. Fair point Gareth (I did wonder).

    But, then again – in case there are any swinging voters reading this blog, I’d invite them to consider that high levels of CO2 (circa 1300 ppm) might have produced an abundance of life (plant and other) in the Cretaceous but that doesn’t mean it was a good environment for humans.

    In another context (Health and Safety) I note that the US EPA (I couldn’t find any NZ standards in a 2 minute search) recommend 1,000 ppm as an upper limit for continuous exposure to CO2. Our atmosphere is already over one third of that limit and climbing!
    Anyone wanting to find out more – see Gareth’s blogroll

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