Anthropogenic climate change is real: pithy post-punk anthem for the Trump generation

A catchy little number, but certainly NSFW when played loud or if singing along in public…

In which a “protest post-punk band” from Oakland, California (since punk happened in the late 70s, a pedant would point out that everything since has been post-punk) called You Can’t Make This Shit Up Amerika expresses a certain pithy frustration with the views of their President. I’d have to say it’s hard to disagree. It would be only fitting if this became the Christmas number one…

One thought on “Anthropogenic climate change is real: pithy post-punk anthem for the Trump generation”

  1. Great music. Reminds me of a distant youth listening to this stuff.

    But one quibble, and its quite a big quibble. We are manifestly not “all on the same team”. Same planet, but not the same team. We are on two opposing teams liberal and conservative.

    Right now in America a small group of ultra conservatives, basically the republican politicians, and their disgusting think tanks, have rigged and gerrymandered electoral districts, and grabbed power and stolen the debate through their complete lies, misleading crap, and voodoo economics and anti environmentalism, and it’s tearing America to pieces. And the idiot Trump in charge: well enough said.

    Please god let NZ find common ground, and good sense.

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