A (relatively) new Lowe for Christmas

As Nick explains in the intro, this is one, if not the best of Christmas songs. Please enjoy it with my compliments while sipping white wine in the sun, sweltering in the USA, or storm-tossed in the North Atlantic. For your reading pleasure, why not spend some time in the company of Skeptical Science’s retelling of the Dickens classic A Christmas Carol — or even revisit my own little attempt at Dickensian levity from a few years back.

The compliments of whatever season you celebrate from all at Hot Topic.

11 thoughts on “A (relatively) new Lowe for Christmas”

  1. How to deal with (Republican and other) climate denialists: The Huffington Post nailed it: http://www.huffingtonpost.com/dean-baker/treating-global-warming-d_b_8887114.html

    In a nutshell: When the Republican clowns in the USA spout their opinions about climate change while quickly adding “But I am not a climate scientist” one should ask them which climate science institution or scientists they rely on when forming their Senate or House vote carrying opinion… and when they can’t answer this question in any coherent form, then just keep on repeating the same question over and again….

  2. Sorry, one more “Lowe” and this is one to watch closely:


    In a nutshell, a very significant Hurricane-like low pressure system is currently rapidly forming between the UK and Island. It looks as if it will break many records.
    For the North Pole, the storm it is set to lift temperatures there by a massive 30 to 40 deg above normal for the winter temperatures there!! No this is not a typo! And yes, we will see for a time 30 to 40 degrees warmer air with above freezing temps mid-winter at the north pole. Plus very strong winds.

    The UK, already suffering from very bad floods is sitting right in the path of that monster storm.

    Will 2015/16 go down as the year we pushed the planet towards some significant climate tipping points?

    1. 2015 / 2016 could mark a major climate tipping point. There’s certainly some very disruptive and unusual weather around the world. Climate may respond in a relatively sudden fashion, rather than in an entirely linear fashion. However I’m speculating a bit there.

      1998 was possibly another type of climate tipping point, with that unusually big el nino. This el nino was huge by historical standards. There’s some research which suggests global warming will lead to larger el ninos, which is hardly surprising as you have more heat energy entering the oceans.

      1998 may have been the year where this increasing heat energy fundamentally changed the el nino response.Last years large el nino may provide some confirmation of an emerging trend towards larger el ninos.

      We may be in for unusually large el ninos every decade or so by mid this century. If we do nothing to mitigate global warming, they will be ever larger. We can expect very disruptive weather, and large temperature spikes as a result.

  3. From Nazi money to domination to the ultra right wing movement in the USA: A stunning review of what is probably the “Dark Side” of today if there ever was a fitting family of characters for the Star Wars analogy: The Koch Brothers.


    Get this: Charles Koch is planning to give $900 million to the Republican party in the hope to buy the 2016 election…..

    These people will one day go down as the great villains of our time.

  4. Fascinating link Thomas. The Koch brothers are dreadful people, with extreme libertarian beliefs. I think people with extreme beliefs towards the outside of the bell curve might essentially have a mental disorder.

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