A flea in the ear


This perceptive little cartoon comes from Argentinian Andrés Diplotti’s Flea Snobbery blog (La Pulga Snob,  in the original Spanish), but perhaps most amusing is the way I found it… I noticed hits coming in from the comments under the Spanish version of the cartoon, and on investigation they turned out to be from a link (by Andrés) to my Don Easterbrook graph-fiddling exposé. I wonder if by chance there’s any resemblance between the elderly scientists? ;-)

5 thoughts on “A flea in the ear”

  1. Thanks for the series Gareth. It aids my further understanding and perhaps also pinpoints the presence of certain people and their submissions in the interim.

    Aside from your own concerns in respect of by-and-backplay relevant to topics you raise, there is a most significant relation back to MBH(1998) and its wouldbe critics. No one, save DC so far as I know has even approached this specific. Amazingly!

    Let us hope this does not remain the case.. 🙂

  2. Thank you very much for the shout out! Truth is, I had never heard about Easterbrook when I made this cartoon. Then a commenter said that this was very typical of creationists and climate change deniers, and another one took exception at it and mentioned Easterbrook as proof that global warming is a hoax. So I started googling and ended up here.

    1. My Spanish isn’t good enough to follow the comments at your site, so thanks for the explanation! And for the cartoon, of course, which is excellent. If you do more in a climate-related vein, let me know… Always glad to bring some humour into the discussion.

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