The scientization of politics

A chance to watch Michael “hockey league” Mann is not to be missed, so here’s a recent TEDx talk he gave titled The Hockey Stick and the Climate Wars. The climate science is pretty straightforward, but his comments on the US campaign to vilify climate science and scientists are worth a few minutes of anyone’s day.

4 thoughts on “The scientization of politics”

  1. I like the bit about Sarah Palin condemning emails being cherry-picked and taken out of context when it was her own that were in discussion. The trouble is that that kind of intellect is so stunted that there’s really no functional ability to perceive hypocrisy; ‘this suits me, so I believe it, and this suits me, so I believe it too- where’s the contradiction in that?’

  2. “… it’s a question of ethics”

    So true! We have to make decisions now to show future generations we cared about them, that we weren’t consumed with getting what we want and to h*ll with the planet and all who inhabited it, and would inhabit it. There is an inherent selfishness in climate-change denial. It makes me sick!!

  3. With a PhD in psychology, I of all people know that you can’t measure IQ, but sometimes it would be nice to say to someone, go pass an IQ test and then we can have an intelligent discussion. Until then, what’s the point really of even bothering opening your mouth or putting finger to keyboard?
    For some reason mention of Sarah Palin’s name brings this kind of reaction out of me…

    1. As another psychologist – of course you can measure IQ – but whether that is a good measure of intelligence is another matter. Please do not grandstand on your PhD and make unscientific statements. We have enough of that from the ‘denialists’. I like James Lovelock have serious doubts as to whether human beings are smart enough to address AGW. However I believe that the best we can hope for is for those that see the problem for what it is do what they can…

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