The Climate Show #1 (Astral Express)

The Climate Show comes out of beta testing today, with the release of the first full show, code-named Astral Express after the yacht that kiwi yachtsman Graeme Kendall sailed through the North West Passage in record time a couple of months ago. Graeme’s our star guest, but we’re also pleased to welcome to the programme John Cook, the creator of that superb climate science resource Skeptical Science. John will be joining us on a regular basis to look at favourite climate sceptic arguments, but for his first appearance we talk about the so-called Climategate emails. Also covered: what may be the worst ever coral bleaching event, narwhals as oceanographers, geoengineering, and GM’s EV with a petrol engine, the Chevy Volt, aka Vauxhall/Opel Ampera.

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Show notes below the fold.

Coral bleaching in the Caribbean and SE Asia: Maribo and Climate Shifts.

Next IPCC report will consider geo-engineering schemes: Reuters

Narwhals measure sea temps off Greenland: Nature News.

Feature interview – Graeme Kendall’s Astral Express web site (with lots of nice pics).

Debunking the skeptic with John Cook from Skeptical Science. This week: Climategate.

Solutions: This week: electric cars with two motors — the Chevy Volt (etc) at The Economist’s Intelligent Life.

New climate computer game Fate Of The World released: Guardian coverage.

Not forgetting our media partners: and KiwiFM.

12 thoughts on “The Climate Show #1 (Astral Express)”

      1. Just had a chance to check in with the show. Great stuff.

        In regards to Coral Bleaching, I had been sailing the Pacific in 95/96 and then returned with my family to some of the places after 98.
        What a difference! In many places we compared in Fiji and the Cooks the reefs had changed significantly with beautiful coral being replaced by dead boulders resembling the old reef but now instead of the life corals we saw a green brown slimy cover bubbling what looked like a gas (Methane?) during the height of the mid day sun. Waters were perturbed and visibility reduced. Fish life was reduced to a fraction of the species observed before. A horrendous scene in places.
        The destruction seemed to be wide spread with pockets remaining of reefs that seemed to have escaped the worst.
        A dive master in the Cooks told me that in 98 over the course of days the water temperature had climbed significantly as warm water drifted past the reefs. He could tell from his dive computer. Immediately the corrals bleached (expelled their symbiotic algae) and then got overgrown with the now established green brown slime. No recovery.
        If the general public could see and understand the scale of the under water destruction then I bet we would have an outcry.

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