Carbonscape and the charred potato

This column was published in the Waikato Times on 20 January A couple of months ago a young company called Carbonscape opened a new plant in Marlborough. It makes charcoal from wood waste, hardly an exciting matter one might think. But beyond its traditional use as a fuel, charcoal may hold enormous potential for a … Continue reading “Carbonscape and the charred potato”

Ice, Mud and Blood

In the recently published Ice, Mud and Blood: Lessons from Climates Past British geologist Chris Turney describes how scientists are building up knowledge of the earth’s climate in the past and what it might mean for our future.  He describes attending a showing of The Great Warming Swindle in Australia in 2007. He remarks on … Continue reading “Ice, Mud and Blood”

Catch a (micro)wave

There are some amazing people in NZ. Just when I’m tearing (what’s left of) my hair out at the idiocy of some politicians, along comes a news story to gladden the heart of anyone living in the real world. Yesterday, Blenheim-based start-up Carbonscape reported that it has just begun batch production of charcoal in a … Continue reading “Catch a (micro)wave”