Carbon News 29/9/14: Key challenged over climate impacts on Pacific islands

by Gareth September 29, 2014

Memo John Key: look Pacific Island leaders in the eye The Government is being challenged to invite the leaders of the Marshall Islands, Tuvalu and Kiribati to come and tell Parliament what they think of New Zealand’s climate change policies. Support to help Small Island Developing States move to renewable energy is one of five […]

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Where do we go but nowhere?

by Gareth September 26, 2014

New Zealand’s general election is over. The National Party has won itself another three years in government. With a probable overall majority and the support of three fringe MPs, prime minister John Key and his cabinet will be able to do more or less what they like. Given the government’s performance on climate matters over […]

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TDB Today: Three more years (up shit creek and paddling hard)

by Gareth September 24, 2014

Take the time to listen to Emma Thompson’s stirring address to the climate marchers in London last weekend, and then head on over to The Daily Blog where in my post this week I examine the likely consequences of the re-election of a National-led government, and ruminate on the need to get ideology and politics […]

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Carbon News headlines 22/9/14: If the PM doesn’t worry about climate change, why should we?

by Gareth September 22, 2014

Welcome to a new regular feature on Hot Topic: the week’s Carbon News headlines, brought to you every Monday. Carbon News is an NZ-published web newsletter covering climate and carbon news from around the world, published and edited by experienced journalist Adelia Hallett. The full articles are behind the Carbon News paywall. Click on any […]

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Things you can do about global warming now we have a new do-nothing government (same as the old one)

by Gareth September 22, 2014

Australia’s brilliant First Dog On The Moon on climate action (courtesy of The Tree), deemed by me to be relevant in the aftermath of an election that has delivered New Zealand another three years of National-led government, and therefore little prospect of serious action on climate matters. I’ll have a slightly less amusing reaction to […]

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Carter in Dunedin: Otago Uni provides platform for climate crank plagiarist

by Gareth September 11, 2014

For reasons best known to themselves, Otago University’s senior management this week provided climate denier and serial plagiarist Bob Carter with no fewer than two opportunities to spread his misinformation and misrepresentation of the state of climate science. The first, a public lecture on Tuesday evening (poster on left), gave Carter the chance to spruik […]

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Something old, something blue, something borrowed, not much new: Labour’s climate policy

by Mr February September 11, 2014

Mr February (aka Simon Johnson) looks at the Labour Party’s climate change policy and concludes it’s not exactly innovative. As I was saying in my previous post Labour do have a seven page climate change policy that is at first look pretty comprehensive. Labour will begin the transition to a low carbon clean energy economy […]

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TDB Today: An election looms: do I feel lucky?

by Gareth September 10, 2014

A word to the wise: there’s an election about to happen. Not much sign of climate policy coverage in the newspapers or on television, so in my Daily Blog post this week — An election looms: do I feel lucky? — I provide an entirely superficial but 100% accurate overview of the climate policies of […]

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Memo to Labour: Calling fossil fuels “transition fuels” doesn’t make the carbon go away

by Mr February September 9, 2014

The New Zealand Labour Party announced their climate change policy on 24 August; the Sunday before last Sunday. At first glance, it sounds refreshingly like a policy that takes anthropogenic global warming seriously. From the announcement: A Labour Government will put in place a comprehensive climate change strategy focusing on both mitigation and adaptation, establish […]

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The great climate voter debate

by Gareth September 7, 2014

Last week’s Great Climate Voter Debate is a must view for anyone wanting to understand NZ’s mainstream political parties stance on policies to address carbon emissions and climate change. Moderated by TV3’s Samantha Hayes, the debate features climate change minister Tim Groser, Labour’s deputy leader David Parker, Greens co-leader Russel Norman, NZ First’s deputy leader […]

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