King Tide is a-coming – Billy Bragg’s excellent new single takes on the rising seas

The excellent new single from Sir William of Bragg. Always right on, our Bill, and often right. See also: Between The Wars. Now talk amongst yourselves…

23 thoughts on “King Tide is a-coming – Billy Bragg’s excellent new single takes on the rising seas”

  1. Thank’s for the music. I had never heard of Billy Bragg, and I’m quite impressed. He reminds me of the Clash, but maybe I’m imaging that.

    Came across this climate change version of Bob Dylans A Hard Rain is Gonna Fall.

    And for reggae lovers

    There appear to be vast numbers of climate change adaptations like this out there. Didn’t realise until I had a little look.

      1. AndyS, I honestly have only listened to the one Billy Bragg song, and was more fixated on the guitar style and beat than the lyrics. I liked it instantly. I find I either connect with an artist or I don’t. I don’t go through a mental filter on the lyrics, but I don’t like some of the violent ultra crude rap style music.

        I like music that approaches politics tangentially rather than overtly or to0 preachy, maybe Bob Dylan is good, or U2.

        Artists do reflect some of the big political issues and worries of the day, and unfortunate things like racism etc. Nothing wrong with that, it feels empowering and moving, as long as it doesn’t become a lecture as such.

        Somebody once said the best rock music has lyrics that are close to indecipherable. I kind of like that. I like Dylan because he alludes to political themes rather than being too literal or obvious, or telling a god awful pedantic, silly story like Taylor Swift. She makes me feel like I’m listening to a therapy session.

        I’m a big music fan, and own about 900 cd’s spanning everything from a lot of classical, to jazz, 70’s and 80’s rock and progressive, pink floyd etc, to heavy metal, to lighter contemporary pop, like Ed Sheeran, Lorde, Elle Goulding, Beyonce. Even some country music. I have the worlds most eclectic music tastes.

        1. AndyS, yeah and I do like The Doors a lot. Some great music was written back then. Those were the days, before song writing committees took over trying to please everyone.

    1. Billy Bragg is not the humourless Social Justice Worrier that Andy thinks he is. He is actually really funny and more laid back than some of his songs would suggest. He often turns up on quiz shows because his knowledge of music trivia is amazing.
      I remember seeing him live at a student orientation in the ’80s and he was extolling people to vote Labour, presumably ignorant of the economic policies of Roger Douglas.
      He once said that his favourite Billy Bragg song was this very funny parody by Bill Bailey:

        1. If I want someone to call me a moron, a racist etc, I can drop into a left wing blog or an article in the MSM. Why do I need to repeat that process when listening to the opinions of musicians and comedians?

  2. On retirement, the best way to get by financially and emissions-wise is to not have a car, use public transport for free, and make one’s own meals.

    I have gone backwards a bit; I have just purchased a Nissan Leaf Gen 2, 30X, 2016 with the 30 kwh battery at 95%. That last figure is excellent when typical loss after one year is 7.5%, 3.5% second year and about 1.5%/yr thereafter. The trick, I’m told, is to really use the battery – keep it about 40% charge around town and if putting in a “full charge” use it. Don’t leave it sitting round doing nothing. I’ve been told of a leaf owner who used his battery properly who is still on 93% after some years (I don’t remember the actual figure) whereas other owners not exerting battery discipline say, are down about 80% at the same age.

    I’m still figuring it out. Yesterday I took a load to the dump and put in 3 hours charge from the house afterwards. It was a bad day for solar energy (7.8 kwh gen). During the recharge the car drew 5 kwh each from the solar banels and the grid, the latter costing $1.39. Today I could have got 5 hours charging without anything coming from the grid.

    I have been examining charging station maps. The Northernmost fast charger that I now know of (excluding Tesla S & X ‘destinations’) is at kawakawa, my place of birth. Beyond that all charging points require a caravan cable ($1000) or friends or relatives. I used to have many up there and elsewhere but there’s trouble with outliving them… nigeli I think I want to visit you – somewhere near Kerikeri I understand.

    Thomas you’re on my target list. There seems to be a hole regarding fast chargers near you, wherever you are. It does seem that my initial calculation regarding charging capacity of my 5kw solar system which we discussed a few years ago is about right for this car.

    How did I come to this. In the last month I’ve had a knee joint problem and the flu for the first time in 40 years. A fit of coughing was so violent that I put my back out in three places, one of which is very difficult to fix – old injuries. In consequence I found myself cadging lifts off fossil fueled vehicle owners which just does not do. May as well get a good ev now instead of waiting for a better one that will cost much more and might not get delivered in my remaining active lifetime!

    Just to be even further indulgent I’m getting a Tesla Powerwall 2 installed within a few weeks. This has a discharge rate of 5 amps which is below the threshold for a Leaf but might combine with the solar panels in an interesting way.

    Breaking an investment account to pay for all this took a day that would make a fine television comedy.
    Now to see how far I can get.

    1. I should acknowledge that using fast chargers is not the way towards battery longevity – slowest is best.

      The 2017 Leaf’s are said to come with 3o or 60 kw batteries. The pity about buying second hand cars from Japan is that the onboard GPS navigator remains fixated on some part of Japan. It’s really strange to turn it on and find you are driving about in Japan but independently of streets and terrain 🙂

      Very interesting to users of small evs is a story about a Japanese company, GS Yuasa, that says it will begin mass production of a battery that will double the range of compact evs. There is no mention of retrofitting existing cars which would provide a large instant market. It’s not just a matter of popping in another battery as there is also the matter of changing a big part of a car’s battery management electrics.

      1. Just been reading about that new lithium battery, due in a couple of years apparently. I have also read about new experimental aluminium batteries that charge within seconds, but have fairly low capacity at this stage.

        I live in Auckland by the way. You are sure welcome to visit, we can sort something out at some stage.

    2. Hi Noel! I would love to meet you with your Nissan Leaf in Whitianga. We now have a charging station here in town. It is scheduled to go on-line this month. There is another one in Coromandel Town coming too.
      And you would be most welcome to plug in at my home! 🙂 on a normal single phase charge cable that I use for my EV on a regular house extension cord that ends in a caravan plug. I made that cable myself out of a standard outdoor extension cable and it did not cost much at all.
      You can see my cable etc. here:

      1. Oh and for the first time I am looking at this:
        And the mind starts to boggle…. wtf… why on Earth can’t we somehow standardise this to one type of connector? How are the charging stations going to handle this? Are there plug converters?

        1. I guess I concede, that this is not only a matter of plugs but also systems. My car has the AC/DC charger built into the car so that I can take standard 240V from any NZ home outlet anywhere.
          Other vehicles may rely on or want to use fast DC charging connections that rely on the AC/DC converter in the stationary charging station.

          1. Thomas, Nigelj,
            Google my name [Noel Fuller, Auckland NZ] and the first page has 8 entries pertaining to me, one of which has my email address under two sub-headings. Email me and we will be in direct contact. Incidentally some articles about a house I built are wholly incorrect about the designer.

            While checking my meager internet footprint I discovered some of my previously discoverable past has vanished but one item remains, a sailing canoe (and motoring) which I am no longer rugged enough to use. It’s last voyage was down the Waikato 80 km, portage to Waiuku and from thence back to Auckland, January 2011.

            1. Perhaps I should have said the “Sabrina” page provides the clue as to which of the 8 hits to search.

            2. Noelfuller, I couldn’t find your email address on those pages, but Gareth has sent my email on to you.

              Interesting house. I like the natural timber inside. It’s a buckmaster fuller type of geodesic dome, by the look of it. Is the connection in names coincidence, or some relation?

              Thomas I had a look at one of your links, on something or other. I also sent you an email on something I wanted to mention.

            3. nigelj
              Yes, the geodesic design is Buckminster Fuller’s famous concept but no relation. What none of the stories got was that (a) everything about the construction had to be fully worked out in my head before construction began, even to the layout of all that rimu shiplap and (b) I invited all the neighbours in the street to help assemble the upper hemisphere which many did over two days. Every bolt fitted exactly.

            4. So far no email arrived from either Nigel or Noel. But I get a heap of spam each day. In case you did send an email, try again as it might have drowned in the heap.. 😉

  3. We are descending into the age of stupid….
    If the election of Trump was not proof enough for any sentient elector, surely the statistics of the Google search terms from the solar eclipse in the USA must be:

    I rest my case, humanity is doomed…. 🙂 (not really, I am an optimist, but heck, we might indeed be too stupid to survive ourselves )

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