Hiatus to end soon

Not that hiatus. That never happened in the first place. No, the hiatus in posts here at Hot Topic.

It’s three months since Jim Renwick’s demolition of Guy McPherson’s enthusiastic doom-mongering, and I have been remiss in not following up with more topical observations. It’s not as though there’s any shortage of stuff to write about. I shall have more to say soon — not least because the end of April will mark the 10th anniversary of this little climate blog — but in the meantime, please talk amongst yourselves…

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  1. Global warming is increasing rain rates…. yea! Do we know….
    In the 20 years, I have been living on the Coromandel Peninsula we had already our share of several “100-year” rain storm events….
    The last one was particularly devastating to some. The new normal: Drought punctuated by floods. Just as the climate science community predicted all along.
    In the meanwhile, it is becoming ever more difficult to distinguish between the late night comedy shows by the networks and the all day comedy show tweeted from the Whitehouse. The fate of the world being knocked around by uber rich Russian Oligarchs, who throw people from windows or poison them. Reality is approaching a 3rd rated spy and doomsday movie with a plot to wired to win an Oscar….

  2. The Coromandel has indeed had some heavy rain, so you have my commiserations. Auckland has also experienced rainfall at flood levels in March, bigger than anything I can remember in the last 20 years at least. We are now stuck having to conserve water use, because the floods stirred up sediment that is proving slow to filter out.

    Of course climate science predicted heavier rainfall events right back in the late 1980s, and we have been seeing this develop over the last few decades. NIWA have specific research relating to NZ showing more rainfall, if you search their website.

    It’s also possible NZ could get more tropical lows.

    I notice Peru is also experiencing record rainfall, in terms of intensity during short periods. Apparently its caused by a local el nino event, which is an unusual sort of thing?

    Again higher atmospheric moisture probably made it worse. This el nino event may also be influenced by global warming. There is some evidence el ninos themselves may increase with global warming, but it’s not certain as yet.

    I will now do what I do every day for a few minutes. Google the latest Trump news, to see the latest comedy routine, although it’s hard to know whether to laugh or cry at all this voluminous, unprecedented, idiocy.

    1. I’d like some rain here in the Mackenzie, but as always it is dry and hot

      Which specific idiocy are you referring to? I did enjoy the comedy routine by Rachel Maddow, with the “breaking story” about Trump’s tax returns.

      How are your Russian conspiracy theories going? I see the MSM have shut up on that temporarily, possibly because of the wiretapping claims

  3. From AndyS “Which specific idiocy are you referring to?

    Hard to know where to start. Regarding the Trump Administration idiotic comedy show here are some random samples:

    1) The crazy immigration policies, fortunately overturned by the courts. Unconstitutional policies with inadequate proof of problems.

    2) The ridiculous, evidence free wire tapping allegations against Obama.

    3) The proposed cuts to the EPA and NASA. You cannot get more idiotic than that. See more on this below because it’s of most relevance to this website.

    4) The absurd replacement for Obamacare that makes things worse, and according to the houses own non partisan committee leaves millions uninsured.

    5) The probable connection of the campaign to Russia. The FBI have already stated they have a lot of evidence of conversations, although in fairness at this stage nothing is certain. But I have my own personal suspicions.

    6) Trump’s incessant made up numbers about anything you care to name.

    7) Spicers absurd clownish, transparent claim that the unemployment figures used to be fake but they are real now, despite the authorities who measure unemployment stating nothing has changed in the way they assess information.

    I could go on literally all day with a thousand points. It’s a clownish, idiotic comedy routine on a grand scale. No wonder Trumps approval ratings are so low. Idiocy is the appropriate word as far as I’m concerned.

    No doubt people like Andy’s will try to desperately refute each statement above, or want endless internet links, or will nitpick, or deny, or twist. It’s all amusing to me, because this sort of petty, deceptive, irrational response is what he usually does, and isn’t going to change my mind in the slightest.

    However it all has to get through congress, and they are not completely stupid. Hopefully sanity prevails somewhere. The right thing to do might to be to settle on just more careful checks of potential immigrants, as I have always promoted.

    But getting back to point 3) on cuts to the EPA and NASA etc, all allegedly to fund more military spending. This is of course of particular interest to me as I’m interested in climate change. It angers me. There’s no justification to cut these things, when climate change is such a huge potential threat, and when we are talking about the equivalent to a couple of stealth bombers.

    What good is more military spending? It’s not going to scare N Korea into submission, or fix the Iran issue, or even tensions with Putin. In fact it will escalate these sorts of things. Trump is living in the cold war past where military spending might have made some sense.

    The best way of resolving most current international problems is agreements, like the one between Iran and America on nuclear development, and linkages between countries by way of free trade etc.

    Don’t get me wrong. I think nations and their governments owe a duty to their own citizens first, but connections with other countries have to come a close second. Call that globalisation if you want.

    AndyS doesn’t “get” any of this, and probably never will. Nothing I say will change his mind, and he will just make snarky, hollow rebuttals. But I’m interested in what other people think.

  4. So, you have no evidence of Russia influencing the outcome of the election. There is evidence that wiretapping took place.

    According to Wikileaks, the CIA can listen to any of us, anytime, with a smartphone or Smart TV, so surveillance of a presidential candidate that is hostile to the elitist globalist agenda would hardly come as a surprise

    Of course I don’t “get it”. However, former left wingers like David Horowitz certainly do. His book “Radical Son” is a great read that I have recently finished.

    1. Another point regarding the “crazy” immigration policies

      I can’t say I agree with the way it was carried out, but it is hardly unconstitutional, as the US Constitution does not apply to people outside the USA. The seven countries affected by the travel ban were identified by the previous administration as being of particular threat to the country.

      Obama had a temporary ban from Iraq at some point in his tenure; no one seemed to complain about that

      NZ has very strict immigration criteria. NZ also has much more stringent abortion laws that the USA

      So all those shrieking about “fascism” from NZ should maybe look in the mirror first.

  5. Andys,

    “So, you have no evidence of Russia influencing the outcome of the election”.

    Of course we do. The intelligence agencies have already stated they do have evidence Russia interfered in the election campaign.

    I only referred to possible links between Trumps people and Russia to interfere. There’s already evidence of contacts, from the FBI. I think its probably only a matter of time before we find those contacts included a conspiracy to attack the democrats.

    The connections between trump and Russia are now under investigation, by the head of the FBI, a Republican no less. It’s not looking too good, if he has decided to proceed. Yes indeedy. However time will tell, and I keep an open mind unlike AndyS.

    Andy S trots out this statement” According to Wikileaks, the CIA can listen to any of us, anytime, with a smartphone or Smart TV, so surveillance of a presidential candidate that is hostile to the elitist globalist agenda would hardly come as a surprise.”

    No doubt they can. Goes to far in my view.

    But it is obviously not evidence that Obama carried or authorised wire tapping, – or any other form of surveillance on Trump. Multiple independent agencies have said there’s no evidence, and there’s no great love for Obama or Hilary Clinton by these people.

    Can you please provide proof the CIA or FBI support some globalist agenda? I would think the opposite could be true. And what do you even mean by globalist?

    Honestly Andy your thinking is often so irrational and delusional, and frankly dangerous. It’s the sort of thinking that is based on gut instincts, and leads to witch hunts and vigilante justice.

    1. Who said anything about the CIA having a globalist agenda?

      Of course you have no evidence of Russian interference in the elections. The same media and “intelligence” agencies also ran a story about Trump in a Russian hotel, with some ladies required to do some unhygienic acts. This turned out to be a made up story that someone on 4Chan wrote, yet it ended up as an official dossier and of course FNN (Fake News Network) ran with it

      How was that tax return again?

      How are Rachel Maddow’s ratings?

      1. AndyS

        “Who said anything about the CIA having a globalist agenda?”

        More irrationality. You certainly appeared to imply it as follows “According to Wikileaks, the CIA can listen to any of us, anytime, with a smartphone or Smart TV, so surveillance of a presidential candidate that is hostile to the elitist globalist agenda would hardly come as a surprise’

        “Of course you have no evidence of Russian interference in the elections”

        Just repeating this does not change the fact the FBI and CIA have evidence, and have released some of it, if you bother to read something apart from Brietbart.

        “How was that tax return again?”

        One tax return from about 10 years ago proves nothing, and may not be representative. Trump needs to release them all like other recent presidents. I want to know what hes so coy about.

        However I have reached my own conclusions about his lack of business acumen. Several of his companies went bankrupt, big ones. The guy is no financial or business genius, so this just makes me more sceptical of his many other views.

        Do you think we could get back to climate change, which was the main issue I originally raised?

        1. When the riots in Europe get so big that even the MSM have to report them, you won’t be prattling on about Trump 24×7

          Yes you can go back to climate change if you want.

          1. Andy, you really need to poke your nose outside of Breitbart for news. There is a real world out there, where life is a great deal better than you give it credit.

            1. Strange definition of “concurring”. FBI and whoever tap foreigners of interest, hoover up members of Trump team talking to them. That’s not proving Trump’s point, it’s proving his team worked with Russians. Not good news, unless you think Putin’s some kind of saviour.

          2. AndyS, I think it’s fair to say Europe let in too many refugees too fast. This can obviously create problems, because infrastructure cannot cope, there aren’t enough jobs, and these people have poor english. This can only create frictions, problems, and frustrations which may boil over into sympathy for radicals. I have never supported mass immigration over short periods.

            That cat is out of the bag, but they have now put limits in place and better assistance for refugee centres in turkey etc.

            But interestingly Sweden has very good economic growth, that they largely attribute to their immigration and refugee programmes, so even if there are risks, there are upsides. It’s just not black and white (pun not intended).

            You talk about Europe erupting in protest. Well it appears not, given the dutch anti immigration candidate has been defeated somewhat totally.

            But I’m tired of the way you conflate America and Europe. There’s no comparison. America has had a policy (thanks to Obama and even GW Bush) of relatively slow, measured immigration and refugee programmes, and careful checking of individuals. America has had very few problems from immigrant and refugee communities, and I can’t see this changing, ( unless Trump stirs it up with inflammatory rhetoric!). I generally support this measured approach to moslem immigration and refugees (and other countries) that allows immigration and refugees but keeps numbers moderate and checks individuals carefully. In no way was it an open door. He also ejected thousands of illegal, criminally inclined mexicans.

            Trump is trying to fix a problem that simply doesn’t exist.

            Build a wall if you like, as all countries are sensible to protect their borders. But it’s a sledgehammer to crack a nut, given border patrols have reduced illegal immigrants, and I doubt it will deter anyone really determined. It’s a Trump pipe dream, and monument to Trump, and is estimated to cost over $20 billion, and I would say you can double that.

  6. Andy says “another point regarding the “crazy” immigration policies. I can’t say I agree with the way it was carried out, but it is hardly unconstitutional, as the US Constitution does not apply to people outside the USA. The seven countries affected by the travel ban were identified by the previous administration as being of particular threat to the country.”

    Well several judges seem to think it applies to foreigners outside the USA as below.


    I’m sure they would have their reasons, and know a great deal more about the details of the constitution, and the many related laws than Andy or me.

    In any event the law DOES allow the constitution to be over ridden if there evidence of risk of substantial harm. (Its more complex than that, but comes down to this). This is logical to me, but of course Trump has not been able to provide proof, probably because there isn’t any proof.

    1. There is no evidence of any physical harm by letting in people from Jihadist run countries

      Of course, it makes perfect sense. Why would someone from Iraq, say, feel hostile towards the USA?

      1. AndyS, well there’s always a risk of a few people from Iraq in particular having some hostility towards the USA. I guess french immigrants to NZ have mixed feelings as well given the nuclear testing issue.

        But there’s a big difference between some latent hostility with some people, and blowing things up in terrorist attacks. I would suggest the sort of people coming from Iraq into America are mostly decent people, and more hostile to leaders like GW Bush, than America as a whole. They would recognise there’s a difference.

        It’s also unlikely that you would immigrate to a country you truly hate, unless you were totally nuts.

        America also checks immigrants carefully on their world views and attitudes. It seems to work well given immigrant and refugee communities have generally caused very few problems. Of course you will always have a few nutty individuals, but you get those with white so called christian fanatics of the klu clux clan variety.

        So what do you do, have massive bans on whole countries or religions, just because there might be some hidden conspiracy that Iraqi immigrants are secretly planning a mass takeover of America. I just can’t see it. It’s paranoia.

  7. I can sense the desperation in Andy. His nationalist reality denying clowns and conmen are in power now in the USA and the UK and the buck now stops now with them. Uh, consequences are piling up faster than the lies in Trump’s midnight tweets.

    The show they have put on is so gut wrenching that it will likely spoil the appetite for more of the right wing “take over” in the rest of the Western world. The Dutch gave the right wing loggerhead 15% of the vote.

    Intelligence and rightwingery have never been much correlated. While conmanship, bigotry, racism, denialism, criminality, and general incompetence have. When in power, however, the “rights” must face the very reality they could deny in risible blog posts, electioneering rambles, and gutter press round kicks. Welcome, Andy, to the real world, where your “heroes” are encountering the inconvenient world of facts. Economics, people, and physics belong to the real world. Make no mistake.

    If Trump gets to complete what he wants, Americans will be: losing their health care insurance, pay substantially more for imported goods (that’s most of what they consume), losing many social services including even Meals on Wheels…, become the complete laughingstock of the science community, lose out on the development of 21st century energy technology, lose out in the competition for the brightest minds in the world (learning French or German may become a new passion for the intellectuals), lose out on tourism (who wants to hand all their passwords to some border guard and be interrogated for hours to see Disney Land or the Grand Canyon), international conferences (100% of the African delegates to the University of Southern California’s African Global Economic and Development Summit 2017 were denied visa!!! – no joke)… and much more.

    Meanwhile, Trump is busy trying to hide the connections of his hundreds of millions of dollars in loans from Deutsche Bank for his business deals to the Russian Mafia money laundering schemes…..
    Deutsche would have lent him half a billion quit on his good name and business record (serial bankrupt) alone without guarantees by some “real billionaires” who have deposits with the bank from the billions they stole from Russia earlier… Yea Right!

    Meanwhile, Tillerson blames his wife and she blames God, for the worst decision of his life….

    A great show your “heroes” are putting on Andy. Just Fantastic entertainment…..

  8. Thomas senses some desperation

    This is true. When I was a school kid in London, we were locked down by the police as our history teacher was arrested for taking part in the IRA horse guards parade attack

    [Racist bollocks snipped. GR]

    1. If you are accusing me of “racism”, it would help if you kept the original comment so others can judge,

      By the way, Islam is not a race

      Also, the likes of Thomas can refer to me as a “white supremacist” and “racist” with no justification whatsoever.

      1. I snip stuff that doesn’t fall within HT’s comment policy, or which I deem distasteful. Frankly, given the stuff I’ve edited in the last 24 hours, I’m doing you a very big favour.

        1. I’m sure you are doing me a big favour by reinforcing the myth that I am a “white supremacist’ and a “racist” as proposed by Thomas

          I have, as it happens, visited – by accident – some genuinely obnoxious white supremacist, anti-semitic and Holocaust denying websites that leave me breathless

          The fact that some right of centre people like me get tarred with this brush doesn’t exactly leave the door open for discourse

          1. Then try to avoid giving the impression you support their view of the world. The fact is that there is an observable reality out there: you seem, from your comments – and from the stuff I’ve snipped – to be living in a completely different place. It’s certainly not the McKenzie country I know…

            1. It’s Mackenzie Country, not Mc

              Anyway, in order to diffuse a tense dialogue, may I interject with a musical interlude?

              This song and video comes from a young local talent. he went to school with my son

              It shows off some of the beautiful scenery here.

              This one too:

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